All About Abhishek

A few words to a big story of Abhishek

Hi there, my name is Abhishek Gaur and I am an Audio Engineering student at SAE institute in Dubai.I am originally from Delhi, India but my family and I have been in Dubai all my life.This is my very first blog and in this I will give a brief description of who I am, where I get my motivation and inspiration from and what my goals are. 

Music is my passion and my life purpose; I am a singer/songwriter, guitarist, drummer and bassist. Music has always been a release of feelings and emotions for me; an outlet that allowed me to express myself in an healthy and constructive manner. “Music is the soundtrack to every good and bad time we will ever have”, (Gaskarth, 2009) is a quote by my music idol, Alex Gaskarth; who inspired me to make music out of the things I experience in my life.

I did my schooling at Cambridge International School as a commerce student. Till grade nine, I aspired to be a lawyer but after I found my love and passion for music, a musician was all I wanted to be. In ten years from now, I foresee myself as a successful entrepreneur; who runs his own music production and audio engineering firm; a firm that sponsors young bands and artists. At the same time, a successful musician; once again sponsored by my own music company.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you fell no pain”, (Marley, 1975); this quote from a song called Trenchtown Rock by the legend, Bob Marley; is a brilliant example of how healing and soothing music can be in tough times. This is my exact goal in life; to heal, nurture and help the world through my music. 

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