Place of Work

Workspace; a very private, intimate and superficial place where an individual does their best work with highest creativity and comfort. Whether it be a personal location at home or a distinguished workspace in an office, having a place of work with a strong mental connection is extremely critical. Hello everyone! Welcome to my brand new blog and in this blog I will cover my workspace, what makes my workspace my place of work and what I believe can and will improve it.

My Workspace

Drum Student
I work from home as a guitar, bass and drum teacher. Nicolas Bloom stated in the Harvard Business review article, “we found that people working from home completed 13.5% more calls than the staff in the office did”, (Bloom, Para 2, 2014) in a study which concluded that people who work from home achieve greater levels of productivity due to being in their personal surroundings and not having to spend time commuting.
On the other hand, Kathy Harrop believes that working from home makes workers lazy and demotivated as she pointed out that, “When there is no real reason to wake up early, you’re more likely to lounge in bed”, (Harrop, Para 6, 2014) in an article. While some might agree with her, I believe working from home gives me the ability to work at a higher level of productivity as I have everything I need at my disposal and an extra level of comfort. “You can do your job wherever and whenever you want…you can even sit in a beach chair with a cocktail in hand for all I care…as long as you get our desired results”, (Kruse, Para 1, 2012). This is why my place of work is in my house rather than a music institute.

Guitar Student
Lastly, in order to improve my workspace I will require some musical equipment such as dynamic and condenser microphones, pop filters and to add some bright colours by either painting the walls or having paintings on the wall. “Scientific studies have shown that colors don’t just change our moods, they also profoundly impact our productivity”, (Shandrow, Para 3, 2015).






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4 thoughts on “Place of Work

  1. I never thought i’d understand a point of view from the first sentence, i liked how you introduced your topic; workspace relies on how you feel; good strategy ! keep it up.


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