Style of Learning

Learning and educating ourselves is a vital component of our life as when we learn, we grow. Despite the fact that most of us our taught in a similar way, none of us learn exactly the same way as someone else does. “You are a unique learner. No one else learns in exactly the same way you do”, (Ezekiel, 2006). There are three main learning types; auditory, kinaesthetic and visual. No one is a perfect combination of three, neither is anyone a 100% one learning style. “You should always strive to create learning that engages a variety of these styles”, (Ferriman, 2013, Para 3).

Auditory learners are those who learn through listening and sound, kinaesthetic learners learn through touch or doing the task themselves and visual learners learn from sight; everything they see. I personally am an auditory learner; I prefer to learn via putting things into form of music or by memorising information in the rhythm of my favourite song therefore allowing me to remember easily. Here are a few of the traits in me that are found in auditory learners as of Antonio Maurice Daniels, “Auditory learners enjoy music”, “Auditory learners like to be read to” and “Auditory learners enjoy talking”, (Daniels, 2012).I also tend to listen to people often without eye contact as I often do not need to make eye contact to understand and learn what one is saying or teaching.

A learning style test I took

Once you have identified your learning style, you can use it to your advantage by learning to your strengths. As I am an auditory learner, I should use tricks and techniques in order to support my style, such as; “Aural learners benefit from repeating information verbally”, (Lovasz, 2016). Using these techniques will help us, not only in studies but also for the rest of our lives.

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2 thoughts on “Style of Learning

  1. Very informative blog! I am a mix of auditory and visual and i completely agree with the traits you have of an auditory learner✨


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