Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to learning, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and its extremely important to strengthen our weaknesses which can only be possible by identifying them. Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed my blog on learning styles, in this weeks blog; I will discuss my strengths and weaknesses as a learner, the things I need to work on and the resources available at my university to help me achieve my goals.

One of my major strengths as a learner is that I have a sharp memory, as I am a musician; I have the practice of learning tons and tons of song lyrics and notes which has helped me enhance the power of my memory. In an article on benefits of playing an instrument, Mr Matthews stated, “playing a musical instrument stimulates your brain and can increase your memory”, (Matthews, 2016). Another characteristic of mine I consider as a strength is that I have a sharp, quick and adaptive mind and due to being a guitarist, I have learn to adapt to different keys, tones and melodies before playing the right arpeggios, thus leading to a sharp and quick brain. In an other article on benefits of playing an instrument, “musicians performed better at cognitive tests than non musicians. Regularly playing any instrument is a great form of exercise for the brain”, (Revolution, 2016, Para 2).

On the other hand, I have more than a few flaws which limit my ability to learn. Firstly, I am extremely impatient and I do everything with an extreme determination as I have no patience to wait to be good at or achieve something. Mr Brown gave a positive of being patient as “It allows you time for strategic thinking and completely evaluating a situation”, (Brown, 2010).  Moving on, due to being impatient, I am not a reader. I love to watch and hear news and learn new information through videos and recordings but I do not read books, magazines or even articles. Reading is essential to moving forward as it allows us to gain experience from others and we do not have to repeat their mistakes, “When you are reading, you are actually gaining the knowledge and experience of someone”, (Wong, 2012).

My university; School of Audio Engineering; has a plethora of resources for us to improve our knowledge and educate ourselves. Firstly, our campus library which allows us to borrow books and notes. Secondly, our online portal with lesson reports and unit guides which help us to stay on track with our assignments and we also have an online library with an endless number of books and articles for us to read and learn from and with the help of these resources, I will learn to learn in a more patient manner with a preference to read. 

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3 thoughts on “Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. You write soooooo well❤️ i love to read and i totally agree with you tht reading is really important and my tip for you is to just start slow by reading a 3-4 pages a day of any random book and then slowly increasing. that way you will get fond of reading


  2. It is rearlly important that each one of us must do a self assessment to understand strength and weakness. This will help us to work on our weekness and make them as out stength in course of time. Good to know that Abhishek you have identified your and working on them.


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