Online presence is on the line? (CIU 111.3 Blog 2)

Everything is online; shopping, exams, assignments, meetings, interviews, games, films, music and in the midst of this 24/7 online ‘bonanza’, not having an online presence just does not feel right. Greetings fellow readers, in my second blog regarding my CIU class; I will go over a topic we had discussed thoroughly over the first few weeks of my trimester 2. Social media and online presence is a vast and cage topic with plethora of topics to talk about but for today I shall discuss and evaluate how important is social media presence.

The world wide web in essence is a huge platform for anyone and everyone to share, showcase and sell their work or craft; this being said, usually different fiefs have different sub platforms in which they would advertise their work. Having a social media platform to showcase your work whether it be sound cloud, youtube, instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc, they all have their benefits. The first and most important advantage is its 24 hour accessibility, “An online site can be visited any time of the day or night,” (Dogulin, 2013). Another advent of creating an online presence is that it is not at all expensive, “You can begin your website as a side operation which involves only minimal risks as the cost is low” (Chung, 2014) as said by Mr Edward. Lastly, social media allows you to reach people from all over the world; allows you to showcase your talent to everyone thus helping you in attracting the right person to you.

On the other hand, having your company’s or your own contact details online can be troublesome, ‘With a contact form or your e-mail address published on your website, you’ll soon find your inbox filling up with spam e-mails,’ (Adrian, 2010). I feel its safe to say that a few promotion and spam emails are a small price to pay for the huge benefits that having a (often) free location to share your work and allowing you to reach your target audience bring to you.

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6 thoughts on “Online presence is on the line? (CIU 111.3 Blog 2)

  1. The introduction caught my attention. And also social media is playing an important role in the creative media and with so many people having access to the internet every day, a person has to have some privacy every now and then as you stated about spam emails and workplace.

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