MR FAN; yes or no?

In this strong and competitive industry of creative arts; probably the most important factor which will determine our success or failure is our fan base. Fan approval and valuable fan response could be that one key we need to unlock our success and stardom. Fan approval and response was discussed in my CIU class and in this blog I will explain the importance of them both.

Fan approval is basically giving a few selection of your fans a pre-version to your product such as a demo to a game, an EP to an album, etc and then asking for their approval whether if they feel like the product is up to the mark or not. The next step in this process is to get fan response; which is basically to get fans to give suggestions on what they liked, what they did not like and what they would want more of. This is extremely beneficial for the company as they can now improve their product as per the fans response because customer satisfaction is the primary goal.

Furthermore, because of this a firm tends to develop a stronger fan base due to their good consumer relationship. Asking for fan approval and response is beneficial for the fans too as they feel more involved in the process of the making of the final product, thus increasing the chances of them, not only purchasing but also promoting your product.

Obviously with a stronger fan base a company can get better response. In order to create stronger fan base a company can always have several giveaways and promotions but as stated by Anne DiVitto, “To give yourself the best chance of tripling your fan base, through fan recommendations,” (DiVitto , 2016), fan response is the key to growth. Fan approval and response is often ignored and taking for granted over market research and past sales but these small techniques can make big differences.


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7 thoughts on “MR FAN; yes or no?

  1. “a stronger fan base a company can get better response. In order to create stronger fan base a company can always have several giveaways and promotions” , I agree to this as it is very accurate when it comes to any industry

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