Unconventional or weird?

Welcome readers to my latest blog! Lately as a part of my college project, I have been experimenting with recording in unconventional places and using unconventional techniques, but why am I doing this? Well, I am conducting an experiment to see if one can obtain high quality recordings which can used in a high quality mix by recording in bizarre locations, such as, staircase, washroom, basement, etc.

When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin, this song is critically acclaimed for the stand out drum recording as it has a completely different sound compared to other drum recordings and this is because it was recorded in the hallway of a stair well that gives it the ‘big room’ reverb and muffled tone, making it the centre of the song. “It was famously recorded on a brand new Ludwig kit in the hallway of a three story staircase at Headley Grange.”, Trandafir, L. (2018, June 15). Recording in a staircase or a large empty hall can create heavy amounts of reverb as the audio bounces back and forth from the walls and has no furniture absorbing the sound waves.

So far I have recorded in a washroom (as seen in my vlog https://abhishekgaurblog.wordpress.com/2018/12/18/recording-guitars-in-a-washroom/) and a staircase and the main issue I have had in both is management of space. Being in a compact area with a guitar is hard as it is, but when a pedal board, interface, laptop, microphone and amplifier is added to the mix (audio pun for my audio geeks), it complicates everything. My advice to everyone for recording in unconventional locations, plan your set up before hand, get a help of somebody and use as less equipment as you can!

See you in my next blog in which I will go over a few tips and tricks for mixing audio tracks record in weird locations!



Trandafir, L. (2018, June 15). 8 Songs that Belong in the Reverb Hall of Fame. Retrieved from https://blog.landr.com/8-reverb-examples/

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